Inspections West On the Job

Home Inspections

We perform visual inspection of each home from roof top to foundation.

Following the Washington State Standards of practice with the goal being to leave you with a better understanding of the condition of your investment and it's systems.

An inspection report will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Sample Home Inspection Report

~ Additional Inspection Services ~

Pre Offer Inspections

An inspection of a home that you plan to make an offer on, for a discounted rate without a written report (verbal consultation only). This service can save you time and money in this competitive market.


Verbal Consultation Inspection

An inspection of a home that you own at a discounted rate where we provide a verbal consultation of the conditions discovered.


Common Issues

Below are some of the more common conditions we come across. Click the box to see the issue!

Foundation Vents

The Issue

Foundation vents are screened openings around the home that help with ventilation and moisture control in crawlspaces. We commonly find holes in these screens, this condition often results in  rodent infestations below the home.

Vented Eaves

The Issue

Many homes have vented eaves to allow proper attic ventilation.

Inspectors commonly find damaged screens at the eaves. This condition can allow birds or other animals access to the attic space.

Asphalt Roof Shingles

The Issue

Asphalt roof shingles are covered in granules that help protect against weather damage, primarily sun damages. As roofs age and begin to lose their granules, they become more susceptible to damages from weather.